Canadian fashion brands are perpetuating extreme poverty and income inequality. Hold them accountable by signing on to our petition for a living wage!

Right now, systemic exploitation and widespread poverty wages in the fashion industry are denying the women who make our clothes basic human rights and decent lives. At the same time, it takes just over four days for a top fashion CEO to earn what a Bangladeshi woman making our clothes will receive in her lifetime.

We want clothing without poverty woven into the fabric.

We are urging five companies, Joe Fresh, Roots, lululemon, Herschel Supply Co. and Aritzia, to make a commitment to pay the women who make our clothing a living wage. The impact would be huge.

A living wage would mean the women who make our clothes have enough to cover a decent standard of living for themselves and their family. In 2019, Canada was the fifth leading country importing garments and in the next five years Canada's retail sales value could reach $37.20 billion. But right now, the women who make our clothes, no matter how hard they work, are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Sign the Pledge! Add your name to speak out and demand Canadian brands pay a living wage.
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