Tell Congress: Protect the EPA Budget

The Trump administration's newest EPA budget proposal would slash funding for the agency by 31 percent. At a time when scientists tell us we need urgent action to combat climate change, we need the EPA to be adequately funded to help mitigate climate impacts and enforce regulations that protect everyday Americans and our environment.

Widespread coastal and riverine inundation, more killer storms and wildfires; new disease vectors; agricultural and other economic disruption when these issues arise, Americans look to the EPA for help. The Trump administration seems to not care. It is their third consecutive year seeking to slash funding from programs critical to the environment and public health.

Your voice is needed to prevent these cuts from being approved. Tell your representative and senators in Congress: Reject any cuts to the EPA's budget.

SUBJECT: Please vote against any cuts to the EPA's budget

Dear [Decision Maker],

I encourage you to vote against any cuts to the EPA's budget. The EPA helps protect Americans against environmental threats, mitigates natural disasters when they strike and helps sustain a cleaner, safer environment for all Americans.

It is the Trump administration's third consecutive year seeking to cleave funding from programs critical to the environment and public health. At a time when science tells us that we must do all we can to reach net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century, America must lead the way on environmental stewardship, not hinder the EPA's ability to fulfill its duties.

As your constituent, I ask that you reject any budget that proposes cuts to the EPA. Instead, I ask that you support efforts to begin re-building the EPA budget. Holding it constant for another year is not a victory for the environment it will just exacerbate the agency's budgetary challenges resulting from years of inadequate funding. Every American deserves an EPA that has the capability and resources to ensure that every American lives in a healthier, cleaner and safer environment.

[Your Name Here]
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