Protect Target's delivery workers: Shipt shoppers need paid leave!

Target is bringing in record revenue during this pandemic, thanks largely to the 200,000 "shoppers" who work for Target's delivery app, Shipt. But while these shoppers work side by side with Target employees, they are left out of the paid leave benefits that Target provides to its staff.

Target employees receive up to 150 days of paid medical leave, four weeks of caregiving leave, and 30 additional days of Coronavirus crisis-related paid leave. Target's Shipt shoppers don't get ANY paid leave unless they've been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been put under mandatory quarantine. Even then it's only 14 days, not enough for many people to recover from COVID-19, let alone take care of a family member or child.

Shipt shoppers are organizing for stronger paid leave benefits, and we can help them by driving public pressure to Target, one of the country's largest retailers. The more people who speak out, the more pressure Target's leaders will feel to make sure everyone who works at their stores has access to paid leave.

Everyone deserves the right to care for themselves, or their loved ones, without jeopardizing their paycheck. Without paid leave benefits, Shipt shoppers (and their families and communities) are put in direct danger in the service of Target's bottom line.

Shipt shoppers are on the front lines of this crisis, too. They deserve the same paid leave benefits as Target store employees. If you agree, add your name to tell Target leaders that Shipt shoppers need paid leave.
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