Help stop babies being born too soon

Born prematurely at only 25 weeks, Elijah, pictured above with mum Jenny, sadly lost his fight for life at just 37 days old.

"Elijah led a very traumatic little life. He died sleeping on my chest in the small hours – that's when I joined the fight to stop premature birth." — Elijah's mum Jenny.

Jenny's is only one story. We hear many others from parents and grandparents every day. Around 60,000 babies are born prematurely each year in the UK. And globally it's the biggest killer of children under five.

So we're fighting back.

At Action Medical Research we fund vital medical research to help find answers. Answers that can lead to cures, treatments and medical breakthroughs for some of the toughest fights our children face.

Parents. Children. Families. Communities. We're all working together to raise £1 million by 2020 as part of our BORN TOO SOON campaign, to fund groundbreaking medical research that could go on to benefit millions. Will you join us?

We know that by pushing for medical breakthroughs, we can save children's lives.

Through medical research, we can STOP the devastation caused by premature birth.

Together we will find the answers.

Take a stand for babies born too soon - join the fight today against this growing global problem, and give hope to families like Elijah's.

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