Send a Message to Travel Companies: I will Boycott Bali's Cruel "Attractions"

1,500 wild animals are being kept captive for entertainment tourism in Bali. Spread across 26 venues, the species include orangutans, elephants, turtles, dolphins, civets and others.

Wild animals used for entertainment are often captured from the wild, torn away from their family groups, or bred in captivity. Forced to endure painful and intensive training to make them perform, and to interact with people, they live their entire lives in captive conditions that cannot meet their needs.

World Animal Protection has been a champion for reducing demand for cruel wildlife entertainment venues. We work with travel companies and airlines to stop promoting these "abusement parks". Nearly 200 travel companies have already committed to end sales to elephant rides and shows. Yet, our recent research found that many travel companies and airlines used by Australian tourists were promoting and/or selling tickets to cruel wildlife attractions.

With more than a million Australian tourists visiting the island last year, you can be part of the solution by making ethical travel choices.

Sign your name if you agree that travel companies must help reduce demand for cruel wildlife entertainment venues by developing a comprehensive animal welfare policy. Your signature sends a clear message that you will avoid wildlife abusement parks and boycott travel companies and airlines that don't play their part in combatting animal cruelty.

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