Save British food standards, stop chlorinated chicken and hormone treated beef

The UK and US have just entered the next round of negotiations for a trade deal — and the UK is being put under pressure to tear up our existing food standards.

Chlorinated chicken, hormone-treated beef and other foods with lower standards could soon be imported into the UK if this happens.

We're saying no. Our food standards must be upheld.

Food standards are there for a reason: to protect consumers from foodborne illnesses.

50 million Americans get sick each year from the food they eat. We do not want to import these unacceptably high rates of foodborne illness into our health system.

And labelling foods isn't the solution — US negotiators are opposed to labelling US products imported into the UK.

This would lead to a situation where you would not be able to tell if food products were from the US.

We're demanding the UK government stand firm against pressure from the US and protect our food standards. Will you join us?
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