It’s time for high-quality paid family leave, for everyone.

PL+US's only mission is to win high-quality, paid family and medical leave for everyone by the year 2022. That means all types of care, for all types of earners.

Currently, 113 million people in the U.S. don't receive a single day of paid family leave. That means we can't be there for our families during the moments that matter most, like bonding with our new child or caring for a sick parent. Or taking time for our own medical leave. Not without risking our livelihoods.

So, PL+US is coming at this critical issue from all angles. And we've been making big waves recently: from converging on Capitol Hill with an incredible group of dads, to organizing nationwide to challenging huge corporations to update their policies.

There's a huge swell of momentum behind this issue. From broad public support to gradual progress in Congress, we've been letting everyone know: Paid family and medical leave cannot wait.

If you agree, add your name to support the millions of working families who need our support now.
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