Save Our Pollinators! Create a National Pollinator Action Plan Now.

Insects are vital to our ecosystems and our very existence. Pollinators are particularly critical as many crops in Canada benefit from insect pollination and all terrestrial ecosystems rely on these important creatures.

Evidence is mounting across the globe that pollinators and other insects are declining. Recent studies have reported declines in insect abundance from 40 to 75 per cent. The research identified habitat loss, pesticides, fertilizers, climate change, introduced species and disease as the primary factors in these declines. Sadly, these declines are also affecting our birds, bats and fish.

In spite of all this, Canada has no action plan to recover pollinators. As the Canadian Wildlife Federation proceeds with our Ban With a Plan program, we encourage you to sign this petition urging the federal government to make Canada a leader in conserving our pollinators by creating a national pollinator recovery action plan. Working with corporations, municipalities, provinces, territories and Indigenous Peoples, the action plan would:

  • Create a National Pollinator Monitoring Program
  • Establish habitat restoration projects in areas such as city parks, right-of-ways and along roadways to create pollinator pathways

Pollinators need a voice that only you can give. It is time for dedicated action to halt their decline. Sign the petition to call for the creation of a national pollinator recovery action plan.
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