URGENT: Trump Expanding Oil and Gas Pipelines Across the Country

Trump just signed two executive orders that will expedite oil and gas pipelines in states that don't want them and make it easier than ever to build cross-state pipelines. This is nothing more than another handout to Big Polluters at the expense of our health and environment.

We're mobilizing a movement to stop Trump's outrageous pro-polluter agenda. Send an urgent message to the 116th Congress and demand that they block Trump's pipeline executive orders.
Dear Member of Congress,

I am appalled by President Trump's two recent executive orders that will make it easier for the government to expedite dangerous oil and gas pipelines while ignoring the environmental and public health concerns of the states. I believe that we must be doing more to invest in our clean energy economy, not making it easier than ever to expand dirty fossil fuel production. That's why I am writing today to urge you to do all you can to block this reckless handout to Big Polluters.

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