Demand to producers of "Peaky Blinders" to put Eminem "Leaving heaven" chorus by Skylar Gray to one of the episodes!

With the Season 6 of Peaky Blinders approaching and with the realese of new Eminem album "Music to be murdered by". Inspired by Alfred Hitckoch, classical film producer. We should combine this two masterpieces and have Skylar Gray chorus from track "Leaving haven" on the show. The theme of the album and theme of the show fit well together as much as the Gypsy fighting scene fit with it's following song "The Raconteurs" by Blue Veins. All together makes perfect sense to be done that there is absolutely no reason to ignore this petition. Also if Marshal Mathers would be kind enough to let the producers of "Peaky Blinders" have the chorus for just s small fee would be nice.
Lets hope the angels do find a way to the show by the order of Peaky f**cking blinders.

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petitie tekenen
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