Ban Polluting Plastic in Your State

Bags, cups, straws, bottles - nearly 8.2 billion tons of plastic have been produced over the last 70 years. And most of it has ended up buried in a landfill, burned in an incinerator, or scattered throughout the environment.

Plastic is derived from fossil fuels, and both its creation and disposal pose a serious threat to our health and our climate. What's more, plastic is difficult and expensive to recycle. In fact, most of it will never be recycled. But the truth is, we don't even need single-use plastic. We have better solutions that won't threaten our health or pollute our environment.

We can stem the tide of polluting plastic - but we need your help.

Call on your legislators to ban single-use plastic in your state and move towards zero-waste alternatives.
Dear decisionmaker:

As a constituent, I am very concerned about the growing plastic crisis. Not only is plastic derived from fossil fuels, but both its creation and its disposal pose a serious threat to our health and our climate. Plastic threatens our ocean and marine life, pollutes our neighborhoods, and endangers the health of the people in our state forced to live near the landfills or incinerators that dispose of this toxic waste.

I know that we can avoid making plastic waste. I am asking you to step up for the environment and for New England's people and communities. I am urging you to ban single-use plastic in our state and move towards readily available zero-waste alternatives.


[your name]
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