Tell the College Board To Stop Erasing Black Voices

A Black activist posed an important question: With the College Board moving to silence important Black voices, where was the outrage from the rest of liberal America? I am outraged, so I'm taking action.

On the first day of Black History Month, the College Board announced it was stripping out dozens of Black authors from its AP African American Studies course. These included important intersectional feminist and queer writers, powerful champions for Black reparations, and anything to do with Black Lives Matter. What are they so afraid of?

While the College Board claims it was not responding to political pressures, the announcement followed Florida Gov. DeSantis's rejection of the course because it contained "Critical Race Theory" and criticism from radicals at The National Review who said these ideas were "Marxist."

Let's not let conservative voices drown us out. Let the College Board know that we aren't okay with these voices being silenced. Stand on the side of academic freedom and against Gov. DeSantis and other right wing extremists. Join me today and let our side be heard, too.

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