This Company is Displacing Indigenous People to Build a Rubber Plantation

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: President of Cameroon Paul Biya, Ministry of Forests and Environment (MINEF),

The phrase "halcyon days" refers to a period in the past that was happy and peaceful. But for the indigenous people of resource-rich Cameroon, there's nothing idyllic or peaceful about the company responsible for destroying their homes, Halcyon Agri.

The Chinese owned company is the world's largest rubber producer, and for the past decade, they have been wreaking havoc on some of Africa's most pristine forests. Since 2011, Halcyon Agri via its subsidiary Sudcam has toppled nearly 25,000 acres of tropical rainforest to plant rubber trees. The destroyed forest is a vital habitat for extremely endangered animals like elephants, chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas, and monkeys. But more importatnly it is also the traditional home to the indigenous people of the region, the Baka pygmies.

The Baka rely on these lands for sustenance. Fruits and wildlife the forest has provided them for millennia have now disappeared and in their place stands nothing but rows and rows of rubber trees. And more are on the way. Activists fear that if Sudcam is not stopped, they will take another 49,000 acres, making it a total of 75,000 acres or a landmass three times the size of Paris.

To add insult to injury, Sudcam has barred many of the Baka from reentering the forest that once was their home. This is unacceptable. Sudcam is putting profits in front of people by pushing an already impoverished and disadvantaged ethnic minority out of their ancestral home. These hunter-gatherers have now been forced to move to other areas where they cannot continue their way of life.

It is time the government of Cameroon put their foot down and stop Sudcam from destroying the Baka's lands. Sign the petition and tell Cameroon to end Sudcam's rampant campaign of deforestation.

After you sign, learn more by clicking here.

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