These 15 Horses Were Hunted Down and Shot One by One

Officials in Kentucky came upon a disturbing sight when they found a strip mine site scattered with death.

Fifteen horses had been gunned down and left to suffer in the field by an unknown person. According to law enforcement, it looked as if the perpetrator was actually hunting the animals as they peacefully went about grazing, frolicking, and lounging. Some of the horses still had grass in their mouths when they were struck by a bullet and killed. Other horses were young foals or pregnant mothers.

Sign to demand justice for the 15 slaughtered horses.

Why anyone would do this is beyond comprehension. To hunt any animal is objectionable, but to hunt down horses - an animal that's so domesticated it's lost its fear of humans - is even more disgusting. Unlike almost any other animal, the horse enjoys a nearly mythical status in American lore. The "cowboy's best friend" embodies the American free spirit and our desire for liberty that were part of the founding principles of this nation. And In Kentucky, the horse is especially revered. Perhaps that's why people are screaming for the killer to be found and brought to justice.

Currently, there is a $500 reward for their capture, and the Floyd County sheriff suggests that if they are found, they may face animal cruelty charges.

May? There should be no "may" about it; these animals were cruelly hunted down and left to suffer and bleed out. The killer knew the pain they were causing, and with a body count of 15 dead horses, they clearly enjoyed it. This person must be found and be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

Sign the petition and tell Floyd county sheriff, John Hunt, you want the killer found and punished.
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