Barnegat before and after care going to triple in price

Our district's superintendent has yet again decided to make another change that drastically impacts the families of Barnegat without first asking for feedback. The district has opted to go with a company that will charge one flat rate for children to attend before care and or after. What that means is if you only utilize the service for 1 hour, you will be charged for the max hours. An estimated cost will be $250 per month for am and about the same for PM. This also does not include $40 registration fee or if the school has half days, parents will need to pay extra. Any days that are closed for weather will not be refunded.

Tonight there was a meeting at 5 PM where only
30 parents showed. Superintendents attitude was this...." this program might not be for you ".

This program will essentially discriminate against those who do not meet requirements for low income...which is the majority of parents. ( offering discounts to low income and in district teachers only )

When questioned why the district is making the change from a program that charges by time used vs one fee for all, it was explained that there were safety concerns. The safety concern presented was that a child was placed on a bus when he should not have been. Mr. Lawtis had no other examples and quite honestly, it sounds like a child being placed on a bus would be school staff mistake and not before or after care related.

We are asking for as many parents to sign this petition to once again stop the district in enabling mass changes that only benefit a handful.

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