Make Tucker Carlson Wear a Lie Detector with a Shock Collar

We've know Tucker Carlson was full of crap for years. But his own texts show that even HE knows he's full of crap too.

And yet, he continues to spew lies on air each and every day.

Unfortunately, Fox viewers are either too dumb or too indoctrinated to see these lies for what they are. We need to make it really, really clear, and really, really idiot-proof.

Add your name, and demand that Tucker wear a lie-detector on air. With a shock collar. (Not dangerous, just enough to provide some incentive to tell the truth) 

There are multiple lawsuits against Fox for knowingly airing lies. Surely one of the judges in those cases could order this as part of the punishment.  

Add your name, and make it happen:  make Tucker Carlson wear a lie detector (with a shock collar). 

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