Investigate Mike Pence for stealing classified documents!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: Department of Justice

It appears that Donald Trump was not the only prominent member of his administration to make off with classified documents. Lawyers for former vice-president Mike Pence have announced that they too have discovered classified documents in his personal belongings.

Given the staggering amount of criminality, corruption, and flagrant grift that went on during the Trump administration, the Justice Department must open an immediate investigation into what was in those files, why they were taken, and prosecute the disgraced former vice president immediately.

Prosecute Mike Pence for violating classified document rules!

Unlike President Biden, serial liar and religious extremist Mike Pence cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what he took and why he took it — especially since back in November, he told ABC News that he not taken any classified documents from the White House.

According to the GOP's own Rep. Byron Donald, this is a serious violation of the Espionage Act and we must treat it with the seriousness that the matter demands.

Investigate Mike Pence for stealing classified documents!

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