Stand With Activists in Barbados Calling for Stronger Animal Rights!

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: Barbados Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

In the beautiful country of Barbados and across the Caribbean, a heart-wrenching issue persists, casting a shadow over vibrant communities. Despite the efforts of dedicated individuals and groups working tirelessly to protect our animal companions, the enforcement of animal abuse legislation remains sadly weak. Recently, the case of a young man receiving a light punishment for killing his dog has sparked outrage and a renewed call for justice. Local activists say that this is not an isolated incident but a symptom of a broader, deep-seated problem that plagues the Caribbean islands.

Join the animal-lovers of the Caribbean and demand the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security enforce stricter rules and regulations against animal abuse!

Animal rights activists in the region complain that the laws that exist to protect animals are outdated, under-enforced, and treated as mere suggestions rather than mandates for kindness and respect. In some areas, fines for such heinous acts are laughably small, and in others, no legal framework exists at all to safeguard these innocent lives.

The Caribbean is home to countless "animal angels" – compassionate individuals and groups who go above and beyond to rescue, rehabilitate, and love animals in need. Yet, their heroic efforts are hindered by the lack of support and legal backing to effectively combat animal cruelty and change the cultural acceptance of such abuse..

Sign the petition to demand the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security existing animal abuse laws and review and update of outdated animal protection legislation!

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