Tell Congress to pass President Biden’s budget!

President Biden has released his new budget for the year, and it is jam-packed with things that would seriously improve the lives of Americans across the country.

Its provisions would cut the national deficit by $3 trillion, restore the expanded Child Tax Credit that helped lift millions of kids out of poverty, establish a national, comprehensive paid family and medical leave program, lower prescription drug costs, invest in American manufacturing and more spending on the climate, healthcare, and cutting energy bills.

Tell the GOP to put their partisan politics aside and do what's right for America!

America would pay for all this by massively raising taxes on corporations and wealthy families making over $400,000 a year and undoing the Trump tax cuts that blew a multi-trillion dollar hole in the deficit.

It's far past time that corporate fatcats and the billionaire oligarchs started paying their fair share. President Biden's budget is a win for the working families of America and needs to become a reality.

Tell Congress to pass President Biden's budget!

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