One Dog Died and 67 Others Were Starving at This Woman's House

    A woman in Washington State just west of Seattle apparently spent years collecting and accumulating animals.

    Eventually, she wound up with 68 dogs and a horse. Inevitably, that meant she was unable to sufficiently provide for them - leaving the animals to starve and even die.

    Sign the petition to ensure she doesn't own pets again in the future.

    Neighbors called authorities after they witnessed a Black labrador dog so badly malnourished, they worried it could be on the brink of death. When officials arrived, they found that the lab "couldn't even stand up on its own feet," it had been so badly starved.

    Along with seven other pups, authorities quickly brought it to receive emergency veterinary care in order to save its life. According to the local sheriff's office, at least one other dog was "just skin and bones," while a third "has duct tape around his mouth."

    One dog had already perished from the horrific conditions.

    Apparently, this isn't the first time people have alerted authorities to animal neglect and abuse on this woman's property. Officials in other Washington state counties had even investigated her previously for animal cruelty!

    If this is the case, then it's clear she has a long track record that proves she cannot be a responsible pet owner. To protect other animals, authorities must ban this woman from owning or living with pets again. Sign the petition!
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