Join the Fight to Repeal Arizona's Outdated Abortion Ban Now!

The Arizona Supreme Court's recent decision to allow the state's 1864 abortion ban to go into effect has sent shockwaves through the reproductive rights community. This archaic ban threatens the hard-won progress we have made in protecting women's rights and bodily autonomy. That is why we need your support to repeal Arizona's outdated abortion ban.

The problem is clear: Arizona's abortion ban is an attack on the fundamental rights of women and goes against the principle of reproductive justice. This ban places an undue burden on women, forcing them to seek unsafe alternatives or travel out-of-state to access care. It disproportionately affects marginalized communities, who often face additional barriers to healthcare.

We must rally together and demand the repeal of Arizona's restrictive abortion ban. By signing this petition, you can add your voice to the growing chorus of individuals who believe in reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy. Together, we will send a powerful message to the Arizona lawmakers and decision-makers that this ban is unacceptable and must be overturned.

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