Ban and prohibit the surveillance technology in Canada to commit crimes against humanity

Law enforcement in Canada uses surveillance technology deliberately to cause brain damage to adults and babies.
They using this technology to stimulate brain to cause mental illness traits on purpose and deliberately.
They use this technology to severely mentally and emotionally abuse adults and babies.
They intentionally cause irreversible changes to adult and babies brain.
They deliberately make adults and babies appear mentally ill in the goal to make them mentally ill.
During this abuse they stimulate brain to feel unnaturally nervous, anxious, angry, enraged, violent on purpose and deliberately.
During this abuse they having a capacity to block adults and babies true and genuine emotions and feelings while stimulating to feel those emotions and feelings I described or any other emotions and feelings person doesnt feel or experience contarary to how a person would react or feel themself, not what a person true genuine feelings abd emotions are. They stimulate brain to laugh unstoppably, scream loudly, be very unnaturally, anxious, nervous, enraged and reinforce the trait to be violent. They cause deliberate intentional irrevarsable harm to adults and babies brains and health and babies development. I have witnessed that done to a baby girl under 1 year old till this very minute for a year and I am a victim of this abuse for a year that doesnt end.
We, the undersigned, Canadian Citizens, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to Ban and prohibit the use of surveillance technology that allows law enforcement in Canada to commit crimes against humanity making healthy people and babies on purpose to become mentally ill by force using their surveilance technology. I stand by every word I wrote that it is the truth and only truth before God and on a Bible and in front of any Court. 

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