Protect Our National Parks!

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  • destinatário: David Bernhardt, David Vela, Donald Trump
*UPDATE* Luckily, environmental organizations and activists like you prevailed in getting the proposal shut down in a matter of months. But that does not mean that our national parks are safe. The National Parks Service (NPS) is facing a whopping 12 billion dollar maintenance backlog, and decreased admission due to the current pandemic is not helping. This administration needs to provide financial relief to the NPS instead of letting it die and then privatizing it for its own gain. Keep sharing and signing the petition!

America's National Parks Service (NPS) has protected and preserved treasured lands for over 100 years, working to conserve the beauty and health of our natural heritage. These parks also provide the cultural resources and history necessary to educate and inform past, present, and future generations.

But an advisory committee for the Interior Department has other plans for these beautiful lands driven solely by greed. That plan includes privatizing campgrounds, allowing expensive distractions like Wi-fi throughout the parks, amusement park-like concessions, and even stripping senior citizens of their discounts during the peak season. Unsurprisingly, most of the committee's members are executives from industries that stand to profit from all this. Many are public supporters of Donald Trump and his notorious efforts to hinder everything that the NPS stands for.

Sign this petition and demand that David Bernhardt, Secretary of the Interior, keep profits and politics out of America's national parks!

As if the proposed plans weren't horrible enough, the committee also wants "to sidestep environmental impact reviews for campground expansion and development." So while our national parks are made into overcrowded, bulldozed theme parks, there would be no way to track the dangerous impacts these massive changes would have on the land, flora, and fauna.

This proposal seeks to "rip public lands out of public hands," says Jayson O'Neill, deputy director of the Western Values Project. The changes would be expensive, and almost certainly result in raised admission prices. Everyone, no matter their income or privilege, should have access to these beautiful places.

Sign now and tell David Bernhardt, NPS Acting Director David Vela, and Donald Trump to put a stop to the privatization of America's national parks!
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