Abolish the Inhumane 24-Hour Workdays for Home-Care Workers!

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams

In the bustling streets of New York City, a distressing narrative unfolds, casting a long shadow over the lives of countless home-care workers. For years, care workers have been enduring grueling 24-hour shifts, providing round-the-clock care to patients with little to no rest. Despite their full-day shifts, these workers are compensated for only 13 hours, leaving them physically drained, emotionally scarred, and in some cases, suffering from severe health issues of their own. 

This system can and should change, despite New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams' claim that the decision must be made by the state rather than the city. The councilmember who introduced the bill, says that it's been legally vetted and should be allowed to go to a vote. It's gotten so bad, that many workers – mostly older women of color – have begun a hunger strike to get their message across. They feel they have no other choice.

Sign the petition to stand with the home care workers and demand Speaker Adrienne Adams bring this important bill to a vote!

This system benefits no one. The physical and mental toll on care workers can only bring less than exceptional care to the recipients. The proposed bill would change 24-hour work shifts to 12-hour shifts shared by two workers, ensuring continuous care without overburdening individual caregivers.

The working conditions are a systemic issue affecting many, particularly women of color and immigrants who dominate this workforce. These workers' pleas for change have been met with bureaucracy and inaction, pushing them to the brink. In a poignant display of desperation and unity, the hunger strike by current and retired home-care workers is taking place in front of City Hall. Their demand is simple yet profound: abolish the inhumane 24-hour workdays immediately.

Stand with these workers who are risking their health to care for our loved ones. Sign to demand Speaker Adams abolish the 24-hour workday. The health and well-being of our most essential workers cannot be compromised!

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