End Jordan's "Holy War" on Stray Dogs

  • por: Rebecca G.
  • destinatário: Sheikh Abdul Karim Khasawneh, Grand Mufti of Jordan

The tragic killing of a young Jordanian girl by a stray dog has unleashed a national dog slaughter across Jordan — and I need your help today to stop the killing.

Shortly after two-year-old Malak al-Qaraan died from a rabid dog's bite, Sheik Khasawneh, Grand Mufti of Jordan and the nation's top religious leader, told a popular radio show's listeners that it's permissible under Islam to kill a dog that's attacking you, your children or your livestock.

Tragically, listeners — egged on by the program's host — have taken the religious leader's words as a religious fatwa to kill any stray dog they see. Now hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dogs are being massacred as a result. More than 800 dogs have been killed in the Jordanian city of Karza alone.
Unless Sheik Khasawwneh personally clarifies his remarks, it seems likely that stray dogs will continue to be killed.

Please join me in calling on Jordan's Grand Mufti to immediately make clear that this indiscriminate dog killing is NOT acceptable. The religious leader should use his influence to advocate for more humane control of Jordan's stray dogs, including spay and neutering programs.

Innocent dogs in Jordan shouldn't be slaughtered just because they are homeless. Please sign my petition for compassion now.


The charity Be Their Voice is campaigning for the dogs in Jordan and will deliver this petition.


Social media has been flooded with photos and videos of men gunning down stray dogs from trucks, poisoning animals, and otherwise seeking to destroy any stray dog they find, regardless of whether the animal is a threat or not. 

It's heartbreaking that innocent animals across Jordan are being killed. It is even more so because their deaths are being justified upon a misinterpretation of Islam.

Ahmad al-Hasanat, secretary general of Dar al-Iftaa — which is responsible for issuing official and binding religious edicts — made clear that Sheik Khasawwneh's comments weren't not meant to justify the wanton killing of any stray animal:

"It is forbidden to kill dogs like this. If there are dogs living on the streets, no one is saying to kill them."

Despite Dar al-Iftaa's statement, the killing has continued.


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