Pass the Democrats’ new bill to stop corporate price gouging!

The nation has been obsessing over "inflation" for quite some time now, rightfully alarmed at rapidly rising prices and the squeeze on working families that accompanies it.

Corporate America loves to point to inflation, shrug their shoulders, and act like they're being forced to raise prices. But the data shows that corporate greed is responsible for over half (!) the recent price inflation even as their costs drop. Simply put, they're price-gouging the American people just because they can get away with it.

Stop corporate price gouging!

Luckily, Democrats are taking action to put a stop to this. Rep. Schakowsky and Senator Warren have introduced a bill to crack down on corporate price gouging, banning the practice at the federal level and imposing strict transparency rules on companies to make sure they're being honest.

"As large grocery chains continue to rake in record profits, there are many families struggling to put food on the table. The cost of basic groceries has jumped by 25% over the past four years. Price gouging is harming consumers and is fueling the elevated profit margins among greedy corporations," wrote Rep. Schakowsky in a statement. It's time for corporations to take their hands out of the wallets of American families!

Pass the Democrats' new bill to stop corporate price gouging!

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