Tell Florida to reject DeSantis' disgusting "Don't Say Black" rule in schools!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: Florida Board of Education

In an unsurprising move from the "Don't Say Gay" Governor, Ron Desantis and his administration rejected an African American advanced placement high school course from the college board. The Florida Department of Education went so far as to call the course "inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lack[ing in] educational value." The state, predictably, did not move to prevent any other classes like European history. 

It's an obviously biased move, and it's one that will have a lasting negative impact on school-age children in Florida. No matter how much the far right wants African American history to be wiped from our curriculums, it is integral to our country's history. What the Florida GOP claims is "critical race theory" and "woke indoctrination" is just the facts.

Add your name to demand Florida accept the accelerated program into their curriculums!

Florida can not be allowed to white wash our country's history for an entire state of students. Black queer studies and the reparations movement are just some of the crucial topics DeSantis is battling. The people fighting him on the other side are Florida's own educators and students, telling the administration that their ridiculous war on the left is causing real damage to racial history as a whole.

Sign your name and tell DeSantis that students need full access to African American history!

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