Legalize CO Prairie Dog Domestication

Prairie Dogs are illegal to own domestically as a pet in CO- yet legal to own as a pet in other states and countries (in Japan they are sold for thousands). They are illegal in CO because ranchers hate them, and Prairie Dogs are very populous in CO, because this land was/is their ancestral breeding grounds. Because of unsustainable & colonial ranching methods, PD's are legal to shoot or poison to death. The excuse for illegal domestication is that they carry diseases easily- however this can be avoided if purchased from a breeder, and perhaps even Veterinarian-vaccinated like normal pets, and in other states where they are domesticated. Another excuse they use is that PD's belong in the wild- but if that really meant anything to them, then why are Hedge Hogs, Red Kangaroos, Wallabies, Emu's and other wild animals allowed to be domestically owned as pets in CO? This law against PD's is ridiculous and systemically racist because it benefits mostly white ranchers and their profits, instead of honoring this native animal, and the sustainable and indigenous agricultural relationships to this land. Long Live the CO Prairie Dogs!!! Let's make PD domestication legal in CO!!!

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