Improving healthy food accessibility !

Currently, the Jamaica Queens community is drowning in a food swamp.

On every other block, a fast food business. Advertisements in your face at the bus stops, or in your ear as you listen on apps like Youtube or Spotify. We are surrounded by unhealthy food options that largely outnumber the healthy ones, leaving awful long term effects on our subconscious thought and direct health.

Craving fast food, ordering because that's easier and cheaper than the supermarket, and starving because you don't want to eat fast food but can't afford healthy food are only a few of the behaviors that can stem from the consequences of a food swamp. This is not only a personal issue, but a community issue. If a low-income community, especially home to as many minority groups as Jamaica, cannot access healthy food as readily as others, already encouraged into unhealthy eating in daily life due to reasons like lack of ease and convenience, it hurts us.

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