China Has Been Rounding Up Millions of Ethnic Minorities and Putting Them in Concentration Camps.

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: United Nations, European Union & United States Governments

The cat is out of the bag. There is no more denying that what China is doing to Muslim ethnic minorities in the western province of Xinjiang is a crime against humanity.

The New York Times recently got a hold of 400 pages of leaked documents that lay bare the atrocities taking place to the Uighur, Kazakhs and other minorities. Apparently, China deems these minorities a threat to their security.

Over the past three years, officials have rounded up more than a million minorities and put them into re-education/concentration camps where they are tortured, electrocuted, deprived of sleep, and coerced into forced labor. 

In some cases, Uighur children who've gone abroad to study come home to find that their parents have been "disappeared". When they inquire about the whereabouts of their family, they are ominously told they are in a government "training school." 

The leaked documents show in shocking detail how officials are supposed to treat the Uighur people with "Absolutely no mercy." The papers also seem to be a guide on how to evade questions from curious family members as well as dissuade people from sounding the alarms internationally.

China has decided that because the Uighurs have a different religion, look different and are a minority, they then don't deserve to be free. And now they have gathered them up in secretive camps and thrown away the key. Alarm bells should be ringing. A human rights disaster is quickly approaching.

It is time for the UN, the EU, and the United Nations to stand up and demand an end to China's racist policies against their ethnic minorities.

Sign the petition if you agree.

For more information on the human rights crisis in Xinjiang, click here.

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