Demand McCarthy to raise the debt ceiling NOW before he’s responsible for an economic disaster!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: Kevin McCarthy

Enough is ENOUGH! The US government is hurtling towards a default on its debt that come as soon as THE END OF THE WEEK, all because Speaker McCarthy is trying to extort President Biden and gut the social safety net by holding our nation's entire economy hostage.

The MAGA extremists even admitted as much: Matt Gaetz bragged to reporters that "I think my conservative colleagues… don't feel like we should negotiate with our hostage." That's right — Matt Gaetz and his cronies consider the American economy to be their hostage.

Tell McCarthy: We're going to make you pay if you tank the economy!

The American economy is NOT a hostage. It is one of the many things that McCarthy and the Republicans were elected to take care of, not push over a cliff because they aren't getting their way!

It's time for McCarthy to show the world that America is not a spendthrift nation and will make good on our debts — then he can engage in good faith negotiations with the White House over the budget should he so choose.

Demand McCarthy raise the debt ceiling NOW before he's responsible for an economic disaster!

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