Protect Southside Community Farm and its Vital Services

  • por: Chloe Moore
  • destinatário: Housing Authority of the City of Asheville

Southside Community Farm (SCF), located in Asheville, North Carolina, is a Black-led urban farm started by Southside neighborhood residents to address food insecurity. Since 2014, the farm has been growing and distributing fresh food, offering educational programs to community members of all ages, and caring for people and the environment.

SCF is currently at risk of losing access to the land that they have stewarded for a decade. A resolution has been brought to the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville's board of directors to dismantle the farm to make way for additional playground space. There is room enough in the Southside for more playground space (in addition to multiple playgrounds that already exist close by) while also preserving the neighborhood's only farm. Neighborhood youth benefit greatly from the farm by learning about where their food comes from and having access to fresh and healthy produce. Tell the Housing Authority to preserve Southside Community Farm, to NOT pass Resolution No. 2024-11, and to work with the land's current caretakers to ensure that the community has access to vital resources the farm provides.

Your signature can make all the difference. Please sign this petition today and help preserve Southside Community Farm!
To learn more and find additional ways to support, visit the farm's website, follow along on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok, and consider making a donation to support the farm.

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