You Won’t Believe How Little It Costs to Buy a Helpless Monkey in this Country

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: The Government of Indonesia
For tourists, the Indonesian island of Bali boasts many attractions - mountains covered in rich forests, beautiful beaches with diverse reefs just beyond, extraordinary cultural sights, and... caged wild animals for sale?

Not everything offered to tourists on the island of Bali should be. Sign the petition and demand that Indonesia ban the cruel monkey-selling market!

No matter what these monkeys are bought for, the sad reality is that it never ends well. Many folks buy them as pets, thinking they will remain cute and manageable. But adult monkeys can be aggressive - a condition only exacerbated by living in unfit homes.

Even sadder yet are those monkeys bought to be used as performers. They make a profit for their handlers, who repay them with tiny cages, tight chains, and horrifying training regiments. There are reports of monkeys being hung for hours on end so that they must stand upright like a human - an unnatural and painful position for monkeys. When quick training is the name of the game, monkeys are beaten and starved into submission so that they will do tricks like ride a bike, walk on stilts, or dance.

These poor monkeys, most commonly long-tailed macaques, are sold in markets while they should be free in the wild where they can be delightfully observed but left to live a natural, full life. Why is it legal to capture them and sell them for as little as five dollars?

It certainly shouldn't be. Add your voice to the activists demanding that Indonesia end the misery of the monkey trade today!
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