Abortion Is Still a Criminal Offence in the UK — But It Shouldn't Be

  • por: Frances D
  • destinatário: The UK Government and the Northern Ireland Assembly

Did you know that abortion was never decriminalised in any part of the UK?

The 1967 Abortion Act only stipulates specific circumstances in which a pregnant person or medical staff would not be prosecuted. Abortion remains a crime with exceptions. 

Please sign this petition to demand that abortion is decrimimalised across the UK. 

Abortion in the UK is still not regulated similarly to other health procedures. The 1967 Abortion Act means the person seeking abortion has very limited options and can still risk prosecution.

The Act means the medical profession makes the choice, not the pregnant person.

The Act puts medical practitioners off training in this field and providing abortions.

The Act means abortions happening later in the course of the pregnancy because people are stopped from taking pills during the early stages, at home.

Scrap the Act! Please sign this petition to demand that the UK decriminalises abortions.

The UK Government and the Northern Ireland Assembly:

The Abortion Act 1967 is outdated and needs to go. The majority of the public agree - it's time to decriminalise abortion.


It is interfering with access to the best quality and most timely healthcare for people seeking abortions.


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