Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Homeland Security Committee!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: Kevin McCarthy

Now that Republicans are back in control of the House, Marjorie Taylor Greene has her committee seats back — and this time, she's on the critically important committees of Homeland Security AND Oversight.

As an unrepentant insurrectionist who said that if she had organized the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, "we would have won" and "it would've been armed," Taylor Greene has absolutely no business being on either of these committees.

Demand Kevin McCarthy kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off her committees!

On top of being an insurrectionist, the Georgia extremist has also espoused deranged, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and breaks bread with open white supremacists, like when she attended the America First Political Action Conference with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

The FBI has deemed white supremacy the biggest domestic threat to American security — and we cannot risk having someone friendly with those vile people be in charge of Homeland Security.

Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Homeland Security Committee!

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