Stop Georgia from removing hate crime protections for trans people!

    The GOP’s war against trans Americans continues to unfold at a terrifying pace. Yet another draconian anti-trans bill is making its way through the Georgia state house — this time, conservatives seek to deprive trans people of their legal rights and protections while enabling violence against them.

    “IT IS NOT ABOUT WOMEN'S RIGHTS,” said LGBTQ+ legislative researcher Allison Chapman wrote on Twitter. “Most alarmingly it ENDS all legal recognition of trans people and REMOVES SEXUAL ORIENTATION and GENDER IDENTITY from qualifying as a HATE CRIME.”

    Stop Georgia from removing hate crime protections for trans people!

    If this bill becomes law, trans people would be forced to use facilities like bathrooms, locker rooms, domestic violence shelters, and rape crisis centers based on the gender assigned to them at birth, which will put them in serious danger. Removing the hate crime protections is just asking for trans people to be hurt or killed by bigots.

    Trans people deserve to live in safety and with dignity, just like the rest of us. We cannot allow the Georgia legislature to pass this appalling bill!

    Don’t let Georgia remove hate crime protections from trans people!
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