Surveillance technology is used by Law Enforcement undercover in secret to rape women and baby girls

  • por: Canadian Woman Citizen Of Canada
  • destinatário: Women, Mothers, Fathers, Human rights activists, women rights activists, Memers of Parlaiments of Canada, Canadian Government and all Democratic Governments in The World

I have witnessed that law enforcement in Canada use surveillance technology to rape women and little baby girls, I witnessed doing them this to a baby girl and they have done this to me, I have been victimised by law enforcement in Canada. They've raped me everyday in my case for hours nonstop for a year causing intentionally and deliberately inhumane suffering. They used it to sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally abuse me everyday for a year and they dont want to stop. I have witnessed how they sexually violated a little 1 year old baby girl for a year, mentally, emotionally and physically abused her causing pain, anguish and suffering deliberately and intentionally and dont want to stop. This continues in secret undercover without anyones help to stop my abuse and suffering and baby girl abuse. I need all people support to stop this abuse by law enforcement in Canada using surveillance technology, what they do to us they can do to others in Canada women and babies.
Please support me to stop this abuse by law enforcement to us and other Canadian women and children. This abuse causes deliberate unbearable suffering that I experienced for a year to no end. No one under any circumstances deserve to be raped and no one must have a legal right to rape undercover in secret women and little innocent girls. I need all Canadian people support, all Global support, all Women Rights organizations and Human Rights organization support, all Children Protective Services support in Canada and in the World help to stop this abuse of power in secret, this deliberate and evil inhumane treatment by law enforcement using surveillance technology in Canada. They do this because they know no one can find out and that they will never be held accountable and they dont want this technology to be banned, I know for a fact that actions they commit in secret towards women are considered in the eyes of the laws in any country including Canada as a serial rape and sexual assault. No one can help me and this little baby girl they abuse and no one will help others, only people in Canada and around the World can stand up for us and many others and raise their voices against such heinous crimes in secret towards women and innocent children to help end our suffering and save many others women and children lives. Please raise your voices with me against this cruelty and deliberate crimes in secret undercover using surveillance technology in Canada by law enforcement. I swear on the Bible and Id swear before any Court that what I write I experienced and witnessed myself.

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