Zero Women Are Nominated for Best Director Golden Globe

Despite there being so many talented female directors this year, not one of them is nominated for Best Director in the Golden Globes this year. 

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The truth is, film is still a male-dominated field and that's a real disservice to the world. When we only consume media from the male (and often white male) vantage point, we miss out on the richness of diversity and we lose the ability to empathize with people different from us. We need more female-directed films in the mainstream, not fewer. One way to get there is for institutions like the Golden Globes to acknowledge and praise the existing female talent.

This Variety article sites several female directors that could have been nominated, so it's obvious there wasn't a lack of choices. In the history of the Golden Globes, only 5 women have been nominated for Best Director, arguably the most prestigious award they give. Of those 5 nominations, only one woman has ever won. But that just isn't reflective of the talent, perspective and value of the filmmaker landscape. 

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It's time we send Hollywood the message: we want more women creating our media and that starts with acknowledging and praising the women already in the space.
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