Demand that Pesident Emmerson Mnangagwa return the 35 baby elephants back to their moms

Tell President Emmerson Mnangagwat to return the 35 baby elephants he robbed out of their cradles back to their much-needed moms.  Baby elephants suckle from their moms for the 1st 5 years of their lives and if "female" she will never leave her side.  These animals form strong family bonds and stay together with their entire lives.  Helping and protecting one another no matter the danger.  They also share the same physical and emotions as we.  These babies are already terrorized, confused and depressed.  It would be the most humane choice to return them to their mothers.  China along with other Asian countries has no regard for animal life and these babies are headed for a life of pain and suffering.  Some may not even survive the trip.  The rest will go through tortuous, painful training to entertain humans and will live on concrete cages which causes them to have all sorts of medical problems like arthritis.  No zoo or circus can meet the needs of elephants so they suffer their entire lives.  These poor souls have no joy to look forward to. Just misery, boredom loneliness, sadness, and fear, and pain.  Please stand with me and try to save these soon to be torchered and depressed elephants. These animals are not property! They are living breathing beings.

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