Let Domestic Abuse Victims and Their Pets Stay Together in Safe Havens!

As many as 10 million people every year suffer from domestic violence in the United States. Yet many of those people feel compelled to stay in an abusive situation because of their love for their pets, who are not accepted by many typical domestic violence shelters. Luckily, these "safe havens" are trying to change that.

Sign if you want to see more funding for safe havens that allow survivors fleeing abusive situations to take their pets with them!

Surviving abuse can be traumatizing and cause severe mental distress, including anxiety and depression. The last thing that people suffering from this kind of trauma need is to be ripped away from their beloved companions, or be forced to make the impossible decision to leave their cherished pets with their abuser. Survivors of abuse already face so many barriers while fleeing their toxic situations and seeking safe shelter, from financial constraints to emotional manipulation. Having a pet should not be another barrier to accessing much needed care and safety!

Research has shown that domestic abuse and animal abuse are linked. Studies show that people who abuse animal companions are more likely to act violently to their human partners. So, for survivors of domestic abuse who are forced to leave their pets with their abuser, it is highly likely those animals themselves will experience violence. No animal should suffer this way!

Safe havens -- which sometimes keep pets in the same shelter as their owners, and other times provide a separate facility for pets to stay in -- are essential resources for survivors of domestic abuse. There are currently just over 1,000 of such shelters across 50 states -- but this is not enough to meet the needs of our communities. Sign to tell Congress to protect survivors and their pets -- invest in more safe havens in the United States now!
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