The Monkey Warrior fighting to free Dawn

This is ''sister Yu'', we first met her as ''Yu Kim'' (not her real name) and she is from Korea. She visited Siem Reap and the Savana 'free'-pet monkeys, the private Kosol Kean pet-zoo last year after she had sent a lot of money to support/feed/take to the vet some of the 'free'-pet monkeys. She sent money to Kosol Kean and Kunthea and met them bringing more money and gifts. All she wanted from them was to take good care of the monkeys, especially dawn who is her favorite baby. She says Dawn is small, not well fed and suffers a lot.
Sister Yu after having visited Siem Reap realized that the VOs in reality are not the good people we believe they are and she had the courage to make it public. A lot of us believed she was a ''Kosol spy'' and treated her accordingly. Most of us didn't trust her and mocked or kicked her out of the groups we talk about our concerns.
A small number of us tried to talk with her. She sent us her screenshots of her passport, the tickets from Seoul to Siem Reap, pictures of her and the VOs, bank slips of the money she sent to the VOs. We don't have ANY doubt that she is a person who wants to help the monkeys who suffer.
All this time she gave us more information about what she was doing. She is a brave woman who won't stop when she knows she is fighting for the Good! She is visiting the Cambodian Embassy every other day, calling, sending petitions. She asked that Dawn, Libby and Rainbow would be taken to a sanctuary and she would pay for all of this just to save their lives and give them freedom.
Screenshots 1-7 are the petition she gave to the Cambodian Embassy and now, after nothing has been done she is starting a one person protest in front of the Cambodian Embassy!
Screenshots 8-13 are our conversation about her protest!
PLEASE SUPPORT SISTER YU, share this post to every group you can. Let's be her voice, let's show her we are by her side. THIS IS NOT A ONE PERSON PROTEST, WE ARE THERE TOO!

UPDATE 1: sister Yu keeps protesting to save Dawn, Libby and Rainbow and thanking all her friends around the globe!

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