Phil Collins Should Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a Solo Artist)

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  • destinatário: Phil Collins, Phil Collins Fans and anyone who has ever even hummed along to a Phil Collins song...

Phil Collins...
50+ Years of Music and Devotion to Fans...

For his significant contribution to music as an innovative, groundbreaking drummer, gifted singer, brilliant songwriter, award-winning composer, and incredible performer

We, his many loyal fans respectfully request that Phil Collins be nominated for Induction in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a Solo Artist.


Visit the Facebook Page "Phil Collins Should Be in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (as a Solo Artist)" to share your Phil stories, read the "Did You Know" posts that share supporting information about why Phil is well-qualified to be considered for induction, and to communicate with other fans of the living legend, Phil Collins.

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In addtion to housing informatinal posts about Phil's career, an archive of articles and phjotos about Phil Collins from the last 50+ years, we will feature our  exclusive Podcast Series, #getphilvotedin, dedicated to highlighting Phil's significant contribution to music. Featuring guests who have played a role througout his career. 

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Phil Collins Should Be in the Rock and Rol Hall of Fame (as a Solo Artist)

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