Postpartum Psychosis: Awareness will save your family

  • por: J.S. Wolfe
  • destinatário: Families and newlyweds, new parents

Though Postpartum Psychosis is less prevalent than its more widely known and less severe form Postpartum Depression, many mothers, their newborns, partners and family are deeply devastated by PPP and its potentially dangerous outcome.
There aren't enough doctors that are well-trained in treating a suffering mother, let alone offering support to the often forgotten partner.
Many hospitals separate mother and baby to focus on healing the mother, but some choose a better way of offering supervised bonding time to minimise further traumas to mother and child and to help them prevent dealing with PTSD after the initial diagnosis has come to pass.

Everyone must be made aware of the impact of this illness, and though it is said to be rare in comparison, it does happen often enough. 4% of mothers commit infanticide and 5% commit suicide. These percentages call for attention.

Mothers must be educated by their OBGYNs on the potential and heightened risk of suffering Postpartum Psychosis when they go through a Cesarean labor (C-Section), and to guide new mothers to the right therapist that can help lessen such a devastating risk.

Patience and faith are needed, because it does pass, albeit, within a year, the most crucial for mother and child, as well as the father. We must spread awareness, because it can happen to anyone, though a diagnosis of Bipolar in a parent or grandparent increases the chances.

Preparation is key, and the proper information must be understood.
At the first sign of hallucination or erratic behavior in a new mother, she must be taken immediately into a facility that can lessen the impact upon treatment. The sooner we act, the less time it takes and the less severe it may be.

End the stigma and begin the support now for all families' sake.
Thank you and blessings.

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