Demand Justice for Aida, RIP 🌈 - Demand Animal Welfare and Justice for Egypt’s stray dogs

Update on facebook

BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION by Aida's death. In Alexandria, Egypt there is no justice or animal welfare rights. Brutally torturing, raping, killing stray dogs should be punished and illegal.

Copy below of Aida's post:

❌Warning - sensitive/Graphic
This is an extremely difficult post to write for me and I have been really thinking whether or not I should. A few days ago, my rescue partner contacted me about a dog who had been RAPED in Alexandria Egypt. She had been so sexually abused that her insides were hanging outside of her body. Of course, witnesses who saw the attack said "it was too dark to see the man" and "he ran off" so there will be NO justice for this girl. It also took so many days for someone to have the courage to report it to rescuers and it took even longer to try to find her and catch her because she was incredibly fearful. By then it was too late and her body was gangrenous and she was dying . We called her Aida because she needed a name and she needed to be seen. When we rushed her to hospital for an emergency surgery, we knew the chances of survival was incredibly low but we had to try. We stayed with her for 9 hours because she did not want to leave this girl who had been through so much suffering. It was very emotional for everyone involved. Aida did not even stand a chance and she managed to live for a few days and she just now passed away. The vet said that you could tell that she just did not want to live anymore because this monster destroyed her soul. As I write this my heart is in a very heavy and dark place and I do not know if I want to yell or scream in between the tears. I am so sorry AIDA that humans failed you and know that we will continue to fight for you. You are in a better place now. PLEASE TELL AIDA SHE MATTERED!!

CUDDLY #justice #rainbowbridge #heartbroken #sad #dog #egypt #hate #anger #justiceforaida

For full story, see link below:

Justice for Aida!

update from Stray Dog Support Inc.



A few days ago I posted about a dog called AIDA who was raped and as a result suffered severe injuries that resulted in her death. It was a shocking and devastating act of animal cruelty.

We are asking for anyone to come forward to help us find the perpetrator. There must be someone who has the courage to do something.


For any information you can contact

We need to stop this very dangerous person from hurting more animals!

@topfans CUDDLY #Justice4aida #justice#courage #egypt Spirit Foundation For Animal Rescue 

Sanctioning cruelty


Egypt is rated as a very poor performer ("F") under the Animal Protection Index (API), and its farmed animal protection legislation achieved the worst performance rating ("G") under the same index. This is due to its inadequate animal protection laws and enforcement mechanisms. There is no overarching independent national animal welfare legislation, and no species-specific legislation for farmed animals during rearing, transport and slaughter. Egypt also continues to permit the use of farrowing crates, sow stalls and cages, as well as surgical operations without anaesthesia. Learn more about the quality of Egypt's legislative protections on the API here.

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