30 wolves in Norway, and 11,000 people applied to kill half of them - STOP THIS MADNESS!

  • por: Deanna Moose
  • destinatário: Office of the Prime Minister Of Norway - Erna Solberg

We, the Citizens of the United States and over 40 other countries from around the world join our Nordic Environmental Organizations Brothers and Sisters to address what can only be described as genocide of an entire species. Norway has decided that only three wolf packs are allowed to give birth to wolf pups in Norwegian nature. This hunt of 16 of the 30 wolves could mean the end of the three all-Norwegian family wolf groups.

To ensure the wolf's survival in the Nordic countries, we add our pleas with the World Wildlife Fund and join with them urging the Nordic government for brave, responsible and concerted action before it is too late! Please STOP THIS HUNT!

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