Tell Congress to reject Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Biden impeachment!

Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced she will be filing impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. And against Attorney General Merrick Garland. And against FBI director Christopher Wray. And against Homeland Security chief Alexander Mayorkas. And against U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves.

None of these articles have any chance of going anywhere — but that's not stopping Greene from wasting everyone's time and making light of a deeply serious tool that we use to hold our presidents accountable for their actions.

Punish Greene for using impeachment as a propaganda tool!

It's obvious at this point that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sees her job in Congress as a bully pulpit to get on Fox News and make clips for her personal social media page, promoting unhinged, hysterical conspiracy theories for personal clout and ambition.

Her behavior is beyond disgraceful and should NOT be tolerated by those members of the House of Representatives that actually take their sacred duty of governing seriously. President Biden has proven himself a capable and accomplished leader and deserves the support of Congress.

Tell Congress to reject Marjorie Taylor Greene's Biden impeachment!

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