Reject the GOP's plan to enrich the wealthy with a 30% tax on working families!

Now that Republicans are back in charge of Congress and the far-right "Freedom Cacaus" extremists hold all the power, we are about to see some staggeringly bad pieces of legislation put up for a vote — and McCarthy isn't wasting any time.

On January 19th, McCarthy announced that he would be bringing a right-wing bill up for a vote that would abolish the IRS and all taxes - corporate taxes, capital gains, income, estate, gifts, you name it — and instead impose a 30% sales tax on every person in America.

Tell Congress to raise taxes on the wealthy, not the middle class!

This is an absolutely preposterous idea that would heap hardship on America's working families, cripple the federal budget, and funnel enormous amounts of money into the pockets of the already obscenely rich oligarchs that pull the strings in the Republican Party.

No rational, serious governing party would ever consider such a ridiculous piece of legislation — but that's not what we're dealing with in today's GOP. We must call on Democrats and whatever moderate Republicans are still left to vote down this monstrosity and stop the radicals from raising taxes on the middle class!

Reject the GOP's plan to enrich the wealthy with a 30% tax on working families!

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