The Skatepark of Beverly Hills, FL needs to be Renovated!

  • por: Travis Walls
  • destinatário: Beverly Hills / Citrus County Board of County Commissioners

The Beverly Hills Skatepark, built in the early 2000s, needs a makeover!

Although its better than nothing, there are some super basic changes to the layout that would make the flow and all-around experience of the park so much better.

It's known to be one of the "worst" and "weirdest" in this area, or quite possibly the state. There needs to be some modification!

Some of these modifications are:

-New Coping and General Maintenance

Considering the parks age, it's a no brainer that the coping in the bowls and ledges are gonna be worn down. This can be frustrating because it makes it very difficult to lock-in, it's unsafe. Just new coping and the filling of cracks alone would make the park so much better!

-Fixing Up the Rails that Cut-Off Flow

The rail that runs throughout the middle of the park, needs to be removed in some spots. Especially the area that is between the two ledges and the bowl. If it was gone, it would open up more space for people to get around that area easier, and allowing for more run-up too which is very needed. 

-The removal of the vert extensions

 If they're taken out of the equation, then the bowl could be a true half-pipe. It would also allow for the stairs and rail to finally be usable and there would be much less congestion in that area.

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