Ron DeSantis is Unfit to Hold Office

Ron DeSantis loves many things. He loves making it harder to vote, especially if you're poor or Black. He loves when Floridians die unnecessarily of COVID and actively covers up actual death rates from the virus.

He loves pretending to support free speech, only to work as hard as possible to ban books, preventing students from learning about actual, proven inequalities - like those based on race, gender, or sexuality. And as of late, Ron DeSantis really loves waging a war on trans people and making it all but impossible to access gender-affirming care.

While DeSantis claims to be all about freedom, in typical far-right fashion, he is working his hardest to remove freedoms and force residents to live in a way that is in line with his own preferences.

In fact, he has even stripped local cities and governments of their power to oppose him. The man now has virtually unchecked power over the entire state.

Sign now to tell all lawmakers in Florida: Ron DeSantis is unfit to hold office! It is time he is impeached!

To make matters worse, DeSantis's personal brand - and morally bankrupt political tactics - are spreading across the country. In fact, his presidential campaign slogan is literally "Make America Florida." But Floridians are horrified at the direction their state is going, and the overwhelming majority of Americans agree.

The state of Florida requires all people holding public office to abide by their code of ethics. This code requires Florida officials to "hold their positions for the benefit of the public" and "uphold the Constitution of the United States." The grounds for impeachment here are obvious: DeSantis is doing neither.

Since being elected in 2019, Ron DeSantis has wreaked havoc on the state of Florida, and he must be held accountable. Sign the petition now if you agree that Ron DeSantis should be impeached immediately!
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