Demand Prosecutor removes Legacy from her abusive home.

  • por: Cristina LoCelso
  • destinatário: Bob Berlin Illinois State Attorney/DuPage County.

Legacy, a dog living in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA is currently enduring an abusive environment that poses a severe threat to her wellbeing.
Disturbing video footage taken by a neighbor reveals the extent of her suffering - she has been physically abused by being thrown onto a cement balcony and repeatedly kicked and hit by a family member.

You can view Legacy's video on the Kris Kelly Foundation website on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Legacy was taken to a local vet who performed a cursory exam & said that she appears "happy & in good health".

There were no X-rays performed or blood work taken that would have shown prior internal injuries.
The police did not inform the vet that Legacy was picked up & body slammed onto the cement floor of the balcony that was clearly shown in the video.

A former (retired) high ranking policeman who viewed the video said that "a crime was committed & the police should have removed her from the home".

Why OakBrook Terrace police are not considering Legacy's proven abuse to be a circumstance for her removal is unacceptable.

She needs to be removed from that abusive environment & placed in foster care while a thorough investigation is done.
Because the person who harmed Legacy is a minor, DCFS should also be investigating the home.

Animal cruelty is not only morally reprehensible but also illegal under Illinois law which states that "no person or owner may beat, cruelly treat, torment... any animal" (Illinois Animal Cruelty Law).
Yet Legacy's plight continues unabated.

Animal abuse is unfortunately widespread with nearly 1 million animals abused or killed each year in the United States alone (ASPCA). We cannot stand idle while such atrocities occur within our community.
It's time for us to act decisively and demand that local authorities intervene immediately to rescue Legacy from this harmful environment.

By signing this petition, you are urging the relevant authorities in DuPage County, Bob Berlin the States Attorney to prosecute the offender who has abused Legacy & authorize the Oakbrook Terrace police to have her physically removed from her abusive environment. To also take immediate action for Legacy's rescue and ensure she finds safety away from her current abusive situation.
Stand up against animal cruelty; sign this petition today!

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